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Ask, Ask Awaaaaa-aaaay!

general questions

  1. How does Super Heroes work? Super Heroes has scoured (this part) of the earth to identify, attract and retain the services of tradespeople and vendors who have demonstrated expertise in the various domestic services we offer to you, the overworked client. By vetting and rating our "Super Heroes" and allowing you to add your feedback, our advanced algorithms ensure you are presented with the right person for the job you need doing, at the right price.
  2. How do you select Super Heroes? We know the best tradespeople and businesses are out there delivering professional services to grateful citizens. How? Because we invest a great deal of time researching, sifting through recommendations and meeting potential Super Heroes face to face to add to the list of our growing network. We:
    • interview them in person.
    • reference check them (including police check).
    • conduct in-field testing.
    • see if they can fly (this is a development area that is not going well!).
    • ensure they hold current insurances for your, no our peace of mind.
  3. How is Super Heroes different from other home services companies? Really? Okay, we're Super-Heroes, the others are mere mortals...
    But seriously, we're no different to any other domestic services company that goes to extraordinary lengths to ensure that you can quickly and easily book online tradespeople and vendors who have been checked, assessed and vetted to within an inch of their lives so that you are guaranteed the best service possible. THE BEST.
    Aside from that, it's all much of a muchness ;-)
  4. Why do I have to register? You seem like the type that enjoys discounts, special offers, being able to see all your invoices for your account. Are we close? We're right, aren't we? In addition, you'll be able to book jobs faster and have the basic information required for all jobs automatically saved. See, easier!
  5. How do I register? We thought you'd never ask! You can register by creating a login on our website or register using your google or facebook accounts.
  6. What if I have forgotten my username and password? If you have forgotten your password when attempting to log in, simply enter your email address and click "forgot password". We will send you an email with a link to create a new password.

questions about Booking

  1. How do I make a booking? Easy
    1. Enter your postal code
    2. Select a service
    3. Make an appointment
    4. Pay securely via credit card
  2. I am not able to book your services in my area. When will you be able to provide service to my area? We are constantly looking for people with amazing powers and abilities to be a part of the Super Heroes clan. If we are not covering your area yet, don't worry we will be able to rescue you soon. Please regularly visit our website to keep updated. Alternatively, you can leave you details with us via our website (chat, email or contact us) and we will notify you as soon as we are ready to serve in your area.
  3. What if my preferred service time is not available? You can always look for an alternative time slot and leave us a note suggesting your preferred time via the contact us form, if that slot becomes available due to cancellation or otherwise, we will notify you and book it for you. We are cool like that.
  4. Will I get a quote? You'll love this! As you populate the fields in the booking section with your requirements and/or preferences, an automated quote will continuously amend itself as you nominate services and fill in the details. This keeps you in control of your expenditure. Once you are happy with the quote, go ahead and book your Super-Heroes services.
  5. What happens after I have made a booking? You will be sent a confirmation email once your booking is confirmed. Ideally within 24 hours. You will also be sent periodic reminders via SMS leading up to your appointment.
  6. Can I cancel or re-schedule? Super-Heroes fight to uphold your right to flexibility. Yes, you have the right to reschedule your appointment under the following conditions:
    • You can cancel or reschedule with full refund right up until 24 hours before your booking is scheduled to begin.
    • Between 24 and 12hours before your booking, you may reschedule or cancel but you will be charged a cancellation fee equivalent to one hour of the nominated service.
    • Within 12 hours of your booking, we are unable to offer a refund for rescheduling or cancellation requests, and you will be charged the full service fee.
  7. What happens if the job takes longer than booked duration? Once you have booked a job based on your estimation and it has been allocated to a service provider, they will call you to ensure clarity around the scope of the job. If they think it's going to take longer than estimated, they will notify you. We can then work with you to see if you are happy to extend your appointment. If not, our service provider may prioritise tasks with you so as much as possible can be completed within the booked duration.
  8. Can I book the same service provider for future services? Yes, if you are happy with the service provider, on the satisfaction survey form, just tick the box that says "I want to use the same service provider for future bookings". Super Easy!!

questions about payments

  1. Speaking of money, how do I pay for my Super Heroes? We wanted every aspect of your domestic services solutions to get easier. That's why we not only simplified your search but now payments couldn't be simpler or more secure. After you input your credit card details your booking will be held for you and when your services have been completed we securely process your payment.
    Please note that prior to your first order your credit card will be debited a pre-authorisation fee but rest assured this is just to ensure that transactions will be carried out seamlessly. No actual charges will be debited until after your Super-Heroes have completed the job(s).
  2. I know Super Heroes work for good and not evil, but how safe are my credit card details? All payments are processed via our secure payment gateway STRIPE and we do not save or hold on file your credit card information.
  3. Can I pay in cash? Don't do it! Super Heroes are only concerned with coming to your rescue and doing a great job. By using our secure online payments system you are free to go about your day without worrying about hanging around to find the money. Your Super Heroes won't handle cash at all. They'll just handle your problems.
  4. Will I get an invoice? You ask a lot of questions but they're important ones - Yes, an invoice will be emailed to you after your job has been completed. Alternatively, you can find all your invoices under your login account on our website.

questions about services

  1. Do I need to be home at the time of service? If you'd prefer to do other things while Super Heroes get on with what you need them to do, feel free to leave your keys with a trusted neighbour or in a designated hideaway. All you need to do is add a note in the additional information section during the booking process and your Super Heroes will pick up and leave the key(s) in the designated spot.
  2. Do the service providers bring all supplies and equipment needed for the job? The Service providers bring all the tools and equipment needed to complete the job. For Cleaning, we also bring our own supplies but if you want us to use yours, please let us know. If any parts are needed, customers are required to mention that under additional comments while booking the job. In this case, the service provider will contact you before arriving at the job to discuss the needs. They will then buy the parts and cost will be added to your invoice. Otherwise, you can buy the parts yourselves beforehand.
  3. Can I rate my experience? Yes, on a scale of awesome to awesomest. But seriously for better or for worse we only care about wowing you with every aspect of the Super Heroes experience so after the completion of your service, please DO rate your overall experience and the service provider via the email you'll receive upon completion.
  4. What if I am not happy with the service result? Please call us back within 24 hours if you are not happy with the service result. If the job done is unsatisfactorily or left incomplete, we will reschedule the service provider to return and complete the job.
  5. Do I get the refund? Customer Satisfaction is our goal so we only process your payments at the satisfactory completion of the service. If you are not happy with the service quality, we will do everything possible to make it right. If we still can't make you happy, we will refund you the service fee.

If you still have any unanswered questions, please feel free to contact us.